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AKA “Paul’s Signature Jacket” the Journeyman is available in Wax Cotton as well as Wool

combinations. The Journeyman is rugged/dressy in appearance and timeless in style.


More sizes / colour combo's of this coat will be back in stock this September 2023. Pre-order yours now by emailing us at  Limited sizes and quantities will be available! 


The Journeyman may be ordered in custom sizes and special colour combinations by request.


Colour availability: Moss Green, Steel Grey, Navy, Dark Tan , Whiskey, Military Green

Journeyman Wax Cotton Coat


How often your coat will need re-proofing is relative to two variables; the conditions it is exposed to, and the frequency of use. Check garment regularly to ensure no dry areas where wax/re-proofing has worn away. Pay particular attention to areas such as shoulders, neck seams, pockets and creases. Do spong with cold water when soiled and brush off dirt. Do not wash with soap. Do not Machine Wash. Do not Dry Clean.  Reproof your coat with Nikwax Reproofing for Wax Cotton. Sold in the Accessories for $25.  

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