Brodie Westside Hat: MADE IN CANADA 100% Crushable Wool felt. The brim is 2.5 inches in diameter and the crown is 4 inches high. Provides protection from the sun, rain , snow and wind. Unlined. Designed to be a cross pollination between an all weather field hat and a dressy fedora style for the urban dweller with a heart for the outdoors. 


All hats come with a feather even if its not shown in the picture. They are not glued in permanently so if you wish to have it their more securely we advise to remove the feather, take a small amount of glue and tab it on the feather stem and insert it where you found it behind the leather hat band, press and hold for a few seconds until glue is dry. 


Measuring your head:

  • Use a metric measuring tape and hold it to your temple and wrap around your head until it joins the tape. This will tell your size in CM to order accordingly.
  • If your between sizes go with the smaller size as it will conform to your head and not fit too loose.


Hat Care:

  • Spot clean with a wet white cloth using mild soapy water in a circular motion around the stain.
  • When hat gets wet hang to dry at room temperature on a hat hook or upside down resting on the crown.
  • Store the hat in a dry area away from high temperatures.



The Westside - Caramel Wool

C$150.00 Regular Price
C$125.00Sale Price

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