AKA the “Go To Sock” in your sock drawer. A customer favourite. Sized : S/M Size 1 Sizes 6-9 Size M/L Size 2 Sizes 9-12 70% Merino Wool Balance in 30% Cotton/Nylon/Spandex


  • The Merino Wool wicks moisture away from your feet. Vents in the toe box and instep allow the sock to breath allowing moisture to escape.Its a sock you can comfortably wear in warm weather and cold weather because it naturally maintains a comfortable temperature.
  • Extra cushioning along the bottom of the sock for better comfort and wear.
  • The fibers in the sock allow you to wear them a couple of days if necessary before washing.
  • Suitably styled to wear with your Paul Brodie double gore boots.

Brodie Socks


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