In the Ville / Paul Brodie is so excited to collaborate once again with the most authentic moccasin maker in Ontario!  Providing our custom cut out Pendleton wool vamps and choosing from their amazing collection of Hides in Hand moccasins these one of a kind slippers were produced!!


One of the few remaining leather manufacturers in Ontario. Hides in Hand thrive on creating 100% Canadian Handcrafted products using regulated hides collected from local hunters. Unlike many of their competitors, they do not use inferior substitution leathers or import any foreign materials used in our products. Hides in Hand is about keeping quality and tradition alive within the leather industry and protecting their resources and animals to maintain renewable resources. In the Ville / Paul Brodie could not be happier to be collaborating with like minded creative individuals and look forward to more collaborations in the future! 


When fitting moccasins if you are a half size ie: size 8.5 side down to size 8. 


Saddle Tan Deerskin with Pendleton Wool Vamp. These handmade moccasins feature foam padding between layers for optimal comfort! They have a soft deerskin sole and laces that can be used to loosen or tighten the moccasin however be gentle when pulling to avoid breaking.  


Warning: Keep away from cats & dogs especially puppies :) 


In the Ville Custom Hides in Hand Moccasins - Size 10


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